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Sunday, August 15, 2010



Wolfgang B. Sperlich, 2010

A full moon
Magnified on the horizon
Where is he on moonless nights?
Gone the way of Milky Way?

I see the face in the mirror
Answers are forthcoming
Laws of nature
Some the face understands
Others not

The face turns, the mirror dies
Nothing matters
The moon shines again
Eyes closed forever
Blinded by the sun

Meaningless meaning
Works hard to survive
Wishing never to have been born
Blackmailing mental health
Extracting extra medication
For fake suicide

Night and day
The limelight shines
On your faces
Fame and fortune in the making
Happy to be
Blinded by lightning

Have another one
Until the six pack’s gone
Enjoy the delirium
Struck dumb by words
Coming from the mirror
Without a face 

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