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Monday, October 25, 2010


Tomorrow will be the same but not like this

[based on the similar title of a painting by Colin McCahon]

I really, really wonder why

Why everything is as it is, when it is evident

That nothing much in planetary human affairs

Is - even by the Kantian Categorical Imperative - as it should be

The bad BBC news is ever more barbaric

Love in times of cholera blossoms anew in Haiti in 2010

Babies’ heads are cut off in Iraq

The terrible enemies terrorize each other all around the military globe

Who is leading whom by the noose or is it by the nose?

Who pays the piper, who pickles the media, who pollutes the minds?

Who runs the show which makes the most money?

Why are we paying the price in dollars when we count in Chinese?

I watch the world go by, faster and faster, like a race

I read the on-line bulletins by the minute, I check the latest Wikileaks

Everyone is passing me by, even old Chomsky

Should I laugh, should I cry?

Life goes on personally, privately, homely, mostly sunny in outlook

The crazy neighbour wants our cat to wear a bell

The local, apocalyptic supermarket changed its name to Countdown

I’ll bet you again, tomorrow will be the same but not like this

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