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Saturday, March 5, 2011



One wonders about the I and you
How deictic you are
As opposed to him, her and it
Who are referred to by name and noun
Generating a linguistic frown

Maybe I’m the clown
Who rhymes across the line
Condemned to speak to himself
Of anaphoric niceties
Thinking of you

Quoting the ego and id, how do you do?
Now that you have a name
From your mother and father
The blossom on our family tree
We love thee

In old English and new
In languages known by few
Nothing is real but you
Who lives happily
And cries sometimes

We all come and go
Dressed as clichés
Justified by metaphors
Nothing to say
Admiring your fine art for art’s sake

One day, one lucky day
Your dream will come my way
Sweet fruit from the tree
Leaves turning to gold in autumn
Sleeping without having to get up in the morning

Holding you
Until the sun melts the ice
Swimming in an ocean of love and affection
Never drowning
Always floating on air

Once a year
In the glare of the electric light
We are presented to the court
Sentenced to life
Without those without names like yours

Then again, if I may say so myself
Who knows what I know
The whys and wherefores
The random events
My evolution without much revolution

I hope for thee
To have a future better than me
As all good parents say
Sorry for all I did wrong
No credit for all we did right

I hope for thee too, select mankind
You miserable assemblage of leeches
You torturers
Of bodies and human spirits
You destroyers of the nameless

If they ever touch you
Let me know
And I will destroy them in turn
Agonizing eternally
Like Sisyphus

Or so I wish
Speaking as one without power
Without the magic wand
Without the means to an end
Only fetching water from the wishing well

I give it to you in a crystal glass
Sparkling fresh
Quenching your thirst for more
Let’s raise our spirits and drink to you
Power to the people

Only you, you alone
Without me, him and her
Without the burden of history
You will soar
High above the sky across the universe

Not negatively inspired by Cynthia
If you know what I mean
Culling lines from 69
When we were alive
Singing the lines John Lennon wrote

Now in the evening of my time
I dedicate to you all I have learnt
From you – and him and her
Repeating the chorus
Raging against the daylight

I wish you well in your Bettgestell
Joking in languages unknown
Time to go, Friday afternoon
Face the music, join the office crowd
Work like a slave to live for me and you

What does it matter
The rain is falling on a sunny day
You look at me from the picture frame
Ever so quizzical
I’ll tell you all about it - Tuesday

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