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Saturday, July 7, 2012


There is always another one
If the previous one
Was a bit dumb
Of course it’s all different 
If you hit on mine
Super intelligent
Not towing the line
Even though I cannot see the point
For anything much
Mine included
As dumb as the next one
A clicking game played by idiots
Compulsive communicators
Lonesome fornicators
Unpublished poets
Misunderstood scholars
Short of a few dollars
Free to say and post a pic
Insert a vid
Show off your kid
Blow your lid
Show your colours
Discuss your disease
Make life unbearable
Frown at the unforgivable
Gawk at the shameless
Pictures of sunsets
Family dogs
Dog families
Daily life live
Private TV
News from the cousins
The gem
Waiting to be found
Like the needle in the haystack
Referred to in the history of the world
As the stone that started
The avalanche
The revolution
The turning point
The development nobody predicted
Or expected
It could have been
If it would have been
But as it wasn’t
The world never changed
The blogs continued
As before
Ad nauseam
The secret weapon
In the Arab spring
The rebel’s social network
Mobbing the Arab dictators
Surplus to requirement by the West
Posting pics of atrocities
Adding vids of gas attacks
Forwarding to journalists
Whose bed-time blogs appear in the 
New York Times
Der Spiegel
On-line Human Rights Watch
Transparency International
The Coalition of the Willing
The Social Democrats
The Labour Party 
And the Greens
And all the movers and shakers
The pastry makers
The cooks
In the human zoo
In Beijing
Moscow and Berlin
A merry-go-round
Blog to blog
Ashes to ashes
Innocent, so naïve, so sweet
The cat, the dog and the dancing cockroach
It makes you laugh, LOL, totally
It offers you for sale
Sweet nothings
Red shoes
Blue stockings
Chocolate plum pudding
Tips for a diet and prolonged fertility
Advice on bicycles and post-marital sex
Blue jeans
Pretty boys
Popular culture and haute couture
Fish and chips
How to paint a realistic picture
Drawing the line in the shifting sand
Exploiting puns and mixed metaphors
A blog for all occasions
For mum and dad
For good Christians and bad Moslems
For the master and the dame
And the boy who lives down the lane
A blog that makes you happy
Like a good shit
Feeling fully evacuated
Ready to eat again
Being human and a humanist
A good neighbour
A middleclass hero
A teacher and a nurse
A family with two kids
Struggling but always smiling
In the pics you post
On your bloody blog
Don’t worry
I’m much obliged 
You found the time and my blog
And for making it clear
Like Syd
That I am not really here.

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