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Wednesday, March 20, 2013




So sorry I met you so late
But better late than never
You’re now my new working class hero
Next to Noam Chomsky
And few others without names nor history

Your first ‘poem’ I read
Royal Babylon
Really blew me away
And then The Lord of the Drones and Forbidden Fruit
Every word hits the nail

And then my wife procured The Sacred Elephant
Your voice on CD
Perfect diction
With detached passion
All so true

Now I wait for your other works to arrive
And I read about you on Wikipedia
You did what with Jean Shrimpton and Marianne Faithful?
You’re quite a star in your own right
Talented in every medium

You’re 71 now, 6 years older than I am
Surely rich in experience and a few dollars
Well earned for a retirement you most probably don’t want
In a London that still swings from side to side
In an England that has produced the music to live by

What a shame you have to share it
With the Queen, the Tories and the Labour lorries
And all the people that kill the flies like Obama
And all the soldiers that massacre elephants and whales
Do you wish they’d migrate to another planet?

Why is everything as it is
When you know what everything should be?
Why can’t the average Englishman be like you?
Why do we die like your proverbial flies?
Please answer me and the Syrians still alive!



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