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Friday, November 11, 2016


Now I drink to your awful truth
That I will hear from you
Long after you’ve gone
Dead and gone
You said you were ready
Except nobody ever is
For the great beyond
Dust to dust
That was that
The living left behind listen to you
Digitally remastered
Longing for clues when you sang
Democracy is coming to the USA
But all that came was Trump
Taking Manhattan and maybe Berlin
So long ago, we listened to you and your Spanish guitar
First in Munich, then in Auckland
You took us down to the river
Letting love flow
The past before us, the flowers and the garbage
The murderous future behind us
Words like honey and salt into the wounds of
Christ and hell to come
You were the bridge across the river Styx
Now the bridge is gone
We never have to cross it again
Hineni, you said you were here
But look what you have done
You have gone
To the other side
Never to return as great
As a Zen Master of song
As Leonard Cohen

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