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Monday, August 9, 2010


                                           66 – 99 NZ MIGRANT BLUES

1999 © Wolfgang B. Sperlich

In 66 I saw you throwing rocks in the air
Jimmy and Janis knew soon was a good time to die
For if you lived another 30 years or so
Her@history was gonna taste a lot like a long soap opera chocolate eclair

With everyone back in chains
Working in line
Making a dime, buying for time

In 77 you saw us working for a baby in Berlin
Stealing tickets to escape the divided air
We jumped the queue and listened to the music being sold
Man, we needed a higher New Zealand English education to get our share

With everyone back in school
Not cutting the grade
Sitting in the shade, waiting to fade

In 89 we taught what we had learned from the banned (in NZ) little red school book
Telling them students all about a French revolution and a Russian sex machine
But, hey man, that generation was lost already on money and glue
So we all collected Polynesian words, beautiful te reo and was feeling blue

With everyone hard at work
Nobody knew how to get back
Tacking the tack, lacking the lack

In 99 everyone’s confused about the end of the line
And all the old geezers are trying to kick start again
Moaning moaning, cloning cloning
Man, was it all a waste of fucking time
Hey baby, en route to NZ
On highway 66 to 99


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