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Wednesday, October 31, 2012



You were highly bred, a show cat
We rescued you after use by date
With your female companion
From life in a cage
You lived with us for ten years or so
Noble as a lion, as our best friend
Maybe you were too well bred
What with many an ailment
Born stoically
We loved you for your beauty and loyalty
Snuggling up in bed without fail
Pushing your wet nose against our faces
Then you got asthma
And one day you heaved and heaved
We took you to the vet
Who gave you the wrong medicine
Then it was all too late
Your respiratory system collapsed
You were put to eternal sleep
And we cried and cried
We buried you under the trees in our garden
With two little sandalwood gods
To protect you in your next life
And then look upon us
Who will never forget you
Until the day we also die

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